Having worked in the Early Years Childcare sector for 23 years it was saddening to hear the Deputy Prime Minister speaking yesterday, avoiding answering any questions regarding the increase of funding so that we can raise our wages to an acceptable level for the invaluable job that we do. Whilst i applaud his stance on promoting help for working parents through low childcare costs and balanced parental leave, it appears that the providers of the low cost childcare are not considered at all and our jobs are among the most poorly paid in the country. Couple this with the push for a Qualified Teacher in every setting, it is clear that the government still do not have a clue as to the vital and professional job that an Early Years Practitioner does with the young children of this country. We are not teachers, I did not come into this job to be a teacher and would rather the qualifications and experience that we have now be held in high esteem rather than trying to make us into something we are not. There was also no answer to the question of funding for the training needed. Please look at the Preschool Learning Alliance Early Years Agenda Report. This shows clearly what the sector feels about the governments proposals and yet it still seems that this factual data is not being listened to.