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Morning all on this terrific Tuesday. Last weekend kicked off the celebrations of the Croydon Heritage Festival with activities to remember Flower Fairies creator Cicely Mary Barker.

There was story telling by yours truly, murals with @Tobyboo (Tina Crawford) and african drums with @LornaLiverpool. Not to mention SuperPam’s @bopandboogie. Great start to the festival, more to be continued this weekend.

Meanwhile back on planet Lizzie, i have gone back to college to study to become an assessor in childcare, in my spare time of course!! How many plates can one mum spin at the same time? I know that its not just me that wears different hats for the different roles as a woman, would love to hear some of yours……

Anyway here is a picture of our lovely dog Sandie who passed away a couple of weeks ago… I’ve written a short story about her entitled The Hairiest Dog in the World!

I am so tired.....

I am so tired…..